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Scam Potrait

  1. They Give you a dream like $1 per click, $10 per click, $100 per click without any investment or make a investment but they give very big return like 100% in 1 day, 1000% in 30 day
  2. No forum
  3. Already online for few months but no payment proof
  4. No reply in support ticket
  5. Selective payment
  6. Fake statistic in the homepage, like getting 1000 members per day but in the real just getting 100 members per day
  7. Members must make investment to request cashout
  8. The TOS is missing
  9. A lot of ads, ussually just 10 ads per day but in short time there is 100 ads available per day
  10. Has free or low cost script
  11. The script has many errors and viruses
  12. Owner has a scam ptc site before
  13. Has free domain
  14. Has long name of domain (Cheap domain)
  15. The Admin does not answer your questions or deleted your post from forum without any reason
  16. When you try to view the forum, and appear: “Login required. The page you’re trying to access requires you to log in.” or “Only registered members are allowed to access this section”, it`s not good! (To 99% of BuxHost PTC sites, if we do not have a account, we not allowed to visit their forum. Have they something to hide? Of course yes, very many things like the complaints, in no case valid proof of payments
  17. When you try to register on forum, and appear: “…The administrator will review your account and if approved you will receive an e-mail at the address you specified.” Very suspicious!
  18. When you try to post one message on forum, and appear: “This message has been submitted successfully, but it will need to be approved by a moderator before
  19. The forum has been reset without reasons
  20. Nobody can post in forum


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